ski blog day 11

Today was one of those days where I felt so free and zoned out of the world.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I actually worked for a little bit in the park, but I would hardly call that work.  Chillin there with the homies, every once in a while touchin up the lips and landings on the rails, boxes, and other features.  To make it even better, after we did that, and means how I was the only one on skis, I got to take a few runs to “test” the park.  AKA I got paid to ski today! SCORE! I only wound up staying for three hours cuz by 9’o clock we were beyond dead.  I mean the amounts of people, it was a slow day to begin with and by that time everyone had bailed practically.  I think there were 10 people cruising through the park, but the way the lift was running and what not, you were pretty much getting runs through the park all by yourself.  I felt like today was a big improvement in the park for me, mostly in my confidence.  Starting to hit other things besides the boxes, slowly of course.  goin 90 onto the boxes instead of just straight over, comin up switch to some of the little kickers, etc.  Its only gonna get better also.  I didn’t exactly end the night on the run I wanted but hey shit happens when its last chair I guess.  Well, Im keeping this one short cuz I don’t have wi-fi and I have to drive back to my place still which is like 25 mins and I’m tired.  But to end it, once again, look at the fucking sunset.  You cannot beat the view of the top of the hill at sunset, its when I feel the most at home with myself.  Well, shit i keep saying well a lot, oh well.  SKIYA

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